Diamond & Platinum Engagements Rings in Philadelphia, PA

Every year thousands of couples in Philadelphia make the biggest promise of their lives and to signify this promise an engagement ring is gifted to the to be bride. Unfortunately for the groom this process is much more challenging than it seems. There are styles, diamond shapes, different quality and color of metals, and settings. Brothers Jewelry Store's team of experts will help guide you to make that once in a lifetime moment never forgotten.

All our engagement rings are hand crafted for every design by our jewelers in house. You will meet the team that will construct your engagement ring, you can discuss any concerns or desires you have with them, and come back to see the progress of your ring.

The first step to the perfect engagement ring is the choice of diamonds. Brothers Jewelry Store has Philadelphia's cleanest and premier diamonds. Brothers Jewelry Store will help you determine what shape, size, and style of diamond and together pick the diamond best suited for your ring. Second the client will determine if there will be side stones or accent gems to go along with the head stone. The right gathering of side and accent stones can accentuate the head stone by adding dimension and color. The final step is to choose the diamond ring's band metal and styles. Clients in Philadelphia have unique styles and one of the more noticeable is in the color of jewelry worn. Yellow gold is a timeless jewelry color, while platinum and white gold are more prevalent in modern and youthful styles. After deciding on color the shape of the ring is important. Using cutting edge CAD technology, the Brothers Jewelry Store technician can design a custom shaped band for your ring.

All processes of your ring from choosing diamonds, metals and side stones to designing, molding, cutting, platinum work, setting, and cleaning the ring is done in house at Brothers Jewelry Store in Philadelphia.

If you already have an engagement ring and would like it cleaned, repaired, size adjusted, or want to add and remodel your ring you can bring us that also. All Brothers Jewelry Store work is done on premise. Recently, many couples have brought in their yellow gold engagement rings and exchanged the band for a modern platinum band. All platinum work is done on premises.

Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring

No. S13455 | 1.02 Points Diamond Center Stone. 3.71 Points Diamond Side Stones Weight | 14K Yellow Gold


Engagement Ring

No. MS#273 14K White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring | 48pts total weight in round brilliant cut diamonds