Tips on the Care and Keeping of Your Jewelry

Once you’ve designed, commissioned and finally received the necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet of your dreams, it may be hard to take it off – but in order to keep your jewelry in pristine condition, you’ll need to take certain steps to ensure it remains as stunning as the first day you got it. We’ve put together a short guide to maintaining the excellent condition of your jewelry, from steps on how to clean it to the best practices during wear and storage.

When You Clean It

There are plenty of products designed specifically for jewelry cleaning, and we strongly recommend investing in them rather than turning to materials not intended for the purpose; using the wrong cloth or polish can cause tiny scratches and damage to the metals and stones, especially if you use a paper product like tissue or paper towels. Polishing cloths made for jewelry are your best option. Clients are advised to contact us for advice on cleaning solutions; some people feel comfortable making their own, but commercial cleaners are a safer bet. Bleach should never be used on jewelry, as it can completely destroy the item.

If you’re too nervous to clean your jewelry yourself (most of us are willing to take a gamble polishing our costume pearls, but it’s a different story when it comes to a custom-made investment piece), call us! Along with offering custom-made jewelry and jewelry repair to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, we also provide polishing and steaming services. You can even watch us do it – we offer a lounge area and quick service.

When You Store It

The biggest thing to avoid with most metals is tarnishing – silver and gold are particularly prone to this issue. Jewelry suppliers will sell anti-tarnish strips to be stored with your jewelry, which will then absorb the elements that cause discoloration. Keep your jewelry in a cool, dry place, preferably a fabric-lined jewelry box made especially for the purpose. Some of these boxes feature built-in anti-tarnish properties to help preserve your finery.

While You Wear It

People often consider how they should store their jewelry when it’s not being used, but an equally important question to pose is how to best care for jewelry while it’s on you. While it’s made to withstand contact with the oils naturally present on your skin without sustaining any damage, jewelry still needs to be carefully cared for when exposed to the elements. Chemicals, cleaning fluids, dirt and even makeup and hairspray can cause damage to your jewelry that ends up being expensive to fix. In order to avoid exposure to any potentially damaging agents, remove your jewelry during any household tasks, and only put it on after applying makeup and doing your hair.

Jewelry may be made out of tough materials, but that doesn’t mean that optimal practice is to expose your pieces to the elements. Try to protect your jewelry from any precipitation and do not wear it in pools, as chlorine or naturally present salts in water can cause it to change color or even erode. Do not wear jewelry while bathing, either; soap scum can build up and diminish shine.