Flaunt Your Creativity with These Unusual Gemstones

For many of us, the same old jewelry designs from chain retailers don't express enough of our individuality. At Brothers Jewelry, we fully customize each design so that the jewelry that you wear speaks to your singular taste and style. For inspiration, we've gathered eight of our favorite unusual gemstones. Read on to learn how you can express yourself with custom jewelry designs.

1. Cymophane

More commonly known as cat's eye, cymophane is a variant of chrysoberyl that comes in shades of pale green and yellow. It gets its nickname from the opalescent band of light that appears through the stone when it is properly cut and polished. This stone is mysterious and sophisticated and looks especially appealing in beaded bracelets.

2. Sunstone

Sunstones are formed by cooling lava and typically have an orange or pink color. Interior flaws that happen during the cooling process turn into this stone’s greatest asset. The occlusions reflect light for a glittery, spangled appearance.

3. Benitoite

Benitoite is one of the rarest gems on Earth, and also one of the most beautiful. This brilliant gem is only found in a single California mine. It is frequently compared to sapphire because of its deep blue-violet color, but benitoite is even more fiery and richly hued.

4. Apatite

When polished, apatite is a glossy opaque blue stone with a striated appearance. Some believe that it has metaphysical properties. We will leave that assessment up to you, but we're certain that drop earrings made with apatite beads or a ring carved from the stone will make you feel powerfully attractive.

5. Bloodstone

Think that men can't wear gemstones? Think again. Bloodstone is an elegant, masculine stone. Properly called heliotrope, this opaque stone is usually dark green and flecked or streaked with deep red. It has long been a traditional choice for signet rings. We also suggest using bloodstone in accessories like custom cufflinks. The color will be unexpected, but the regal appearance of this stone will fit right in with the rest of your ensemble.

6. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli has been prized for millennia because of its stunning, intense color. Photos of lapis lazuli jewelry are stunning, but even they can't do justice to the hypnotizing blue of this stone when it is worked into bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Lapis lazuli is made even more opulent by the fact that it is frequently streaked with gold-colored minerals.

7. Fire Opal

Fire opals, mostly found in Mexico, almost always require a double take. The intense, glowing colors in a fire opal ring or bracelet are nearly psychedelic in their swirling, shifting appearance. Fire opals come in endless varieties of color combinations, and commonly include tones of pink, yellow, green and orange. These stones are perfect for free spirits.

8. Kunzite

Kunzite has only been used in jewelry since its discovery in the early 20th century, but it is growing in popularly. It is a delicate, feminine stone that comes in clear shades of pink and lavender. If you adore colored diamonds but can't afford the cost of such rare gems, kunzite is a unique alternative.

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