Engagement Rings Upgrades That Will Get You A Yes!

With the advent of computer-aided design software, custom work can be done on any engagement ring. At Brothers Jewelry, we exclusively use CAD in order to design the perfect ring for you. Take advantage of this technology when you start looking for an engagement ring. Here are six ways to transform an engagement ring into something out of her wildest dreams.

Floral Accents

Floral details combine unusual design with traditionally romantic appeal. Rings with floral accents like crystal buds, silver vines and delicately molded leaves are pretty and feminine. Even a simple floral design will add intricacy to an otherwise uncomplicated setting. Whether you want a full bouquet or a few tiny buds to adorn an engagement ring, Brothers Jewelry will use CAD software to realize your vision.


Engraving has been a staple of engagement rings ever since women started wearing them. Engraving the ring is a special enhancement that communicates the meaning and intimacy of a marriage. At Brothers Jewelry, we can engrave your personal message on the outside or inside of the band, in the style and font of your choice.

Twisted and Multiple Bands

Your wedding bands might be simple, but the engagement ring band should show off. Multiple bands or bands twisted into “eternity” or braid shapes create endless opportunities for embellishment. Double or triple bands can be customized with mixed metals or rows of pave diamonds. Twisted bands can be fashioned into sweeping curves or geometric grids. Go ahead and be creative: at Brothers Jewelry, there’s no design we can’t help you create.

Halo Settings

Halo settings are one of the more recent diamond engagement ring trends to take off, but they are sophisticated enough to earn a permanent place as a wedding jewelry staple. Halo settings entail a ring of diamonds around the central gem, and they add extra sparkle and luxury. Your designer at Brothers Jewelry can even double or triple the halos for added dimension.

Horizontal Settings

A horizontal setting, otherwise known as an east-west setting, is a very contemporary design that makes oblong jewels like oval and marquise-cut diamonds look larger. Oval diamonds are catching up in popularity to princess and round cut diamonds, so if you’re choosing an oval diamond, this might be the perfect way to create the appearance of a larger diamond if you are on a limited budget. If you are bringing an heirloom gem to Brothers Jewelry, a horizontal setting is a simple way to update it.

Rose Gold

Silver, platinum and white gold bands: classic. Gold bands: luxurious. Rose gold bands? Something to think about. This peachy-hued metal, though perhaps not what first comes to mind when thinking of engagement rings, is growing in popularity. A rose gold band is youthful and unusual enough to make an engagement ring stand out, while its soft color complements skin tones and clothing so that it looks unwaveringly beautiful on the wearer.

Remember, if you’re buying an engagement ring for the lucky lady in your life, do some subtle research if you’re not sure whether she prefers a certain design element. Ask her friends about her tastes, or casually run ideas by her. Finally, your Brothers Jewelry designer will be delighted to listen to your ideas and give expert advice on the design of the engagement ring. To learn more about how we can customize an engagement ring to surprise someone special, call 215-923-1479 or visit us at our Philadelphia store.